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Our team has been planning and installing artificial lawns in private and public areas for 20 years. Our specialty is the golf sector, where we implement optimal solutions for customer-specific installations and offer the best quality materials.


We supply the latest generation of lifelike, synthetic putting greens, pitching and chipping surfaces for indoor and outdoor use, which can be played 365 days a year.

Our tee mats offer optimal playing comfort, are extremely durable and long-lasting. Tees, whether short or long, can be plugged in directly.

On request, we can have custom-made par 3 greens, transportable greens, or colored lawns (if desired with your own logo) created for you.

Our offer also includes sand-filled target greens (on driving ranges), which offer optimal and natural practice opportunities all year round without care and without costly maintenance.

The high-quality, weather- and UV-resistant material is manufactured exclusively for us by the world's best manufacturer of artificial turf.





In order to install a putting green professionally, the surface must be prepared according to our specifications.


Holes and undulation are discussed and determined together with the customer.


The frost-resistant construction ensures that the green can withstand any weather, including rain and snow. Depending on the situation, there is the option of loose laying or full-surface bonding.


Tee mat 

Particularly durable, hard-wearing and comfortable to play. Tees can be stably inserted anywhere.

Standard size: 152 x 152 cm, height: 3.5 cm

Putting Green

True to line, UV resistant, durable and playable 365 days a year. No maintenance costs.

Speed: 9-10 Stimpmeter

If you have any inquiries about prices, please contact us.



OYM Competence Center, Zug
Private project, Villa outside of Zurich
Various private projects throughout Switzerland
Golf Range Uster
Golf Club Bubikon